Synopsis: This is a book on programming. Through the story, children learn about Ella who wants to try out the new robot she invented. However, her room needs clean before she can go to the park. Through a series of lessons, Ella follows the engineering design process to invent a new robot–one that will clean her room! She also learns how robots need good, clear programs to perform tasks.

While not specifically related to Aersopace Engineering, this book is illustrated and written by Kayann Coote, Madeleine’s sister, and the voice of Rue and her mother in the “What is Aerospace?” video. Kayann also lent her illustration talent to create several of the characters and scenes in the animation. Ella goes through skills that most engineers need to know–finding a problem, designing, testing, failing, and retesting a machine. This book was written as Kayann’s Gold Award project in 2018. To order a copy, click on the image and it will take you directly to Amazon.